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Sustainable Chemistry

We work in the synthesis of plastics using more benign polymerization methods such organocatalysis. Our main research lines are based on the preparation of step-growth polymers using organocatalysis. Step-growth polymers account for nearly 20 wt. % of the Word Plastic Production and play a vital role in many technologies as engineering plastics and high performance polymeric materials with outstanding thermomechanical performance. Specifically, we work in the preparation of non-isocyanate polyurethanes, polyethers polyesters and polycarbonates.

Polymer Recycling

Polymers, commonly named as plastics, have become so widely used as a consequence of their low cost, durability, safeness and ability tand their production is expected to be above 500 million tonnes by 2050. This ever increasing production, combined with our desirability for disposability and poor mechanisms for recycling, has led to a plague of plastic in our environment. Our goal is to implement new plastic recycling approaches and to design new monomers with the ability to be recycled.

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